Upcoming Events

Our main celebrations taking place at the Hungarian Garden commemorate our national days, which are 15 March, 20 August and 23 October. Those are the days you’ll see the Hungarian flag flying there, although we also fly the flag on the actual day of the celebration. We lay wreaths, sing our two countries national anthems, and once a year we unveil new engraved pavers.

65th Anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution
23 October 2021, 14:00-17:00
Magyar Millennium Park

About 50 of us gathered at the Hungarian Garden to remember those who rose up against Soviet oppression 65 years earlier. The new Hungarian ambassador, Dr Zsolt Hetesy, introduced himself and his family. Longtime community member Frank Vékony shared his personal memories of what it was like on the streets of Budapest in October, 1956. We laid wreaths at the Freedom Kopjafa and sung our two countries national anthems. And the beautiful weather made for a lovely afternoon catching up with old and making new friends, while enjoying highly popular and super delicious treats from the Hungarian restaurant, Anzil.

March 15th National Day commemoration
27 March 2021, 2.30-5pm
Magyar Millennium Park, then Loaves & Fishes Hall

More than 50 community members gathered at the Hungarian Garden to lay wreaths at the foot of the Kopjafa and unveil new engraved pavers. Afterwards we headed down to the nearby Loaves & Fishes Hall behind St Paul’s Cathedral, where outgoing Hungarian Ambassador, László Zsolt Szabó, gave a festive address, and we launched our long-awaited new website. The finger food catered by the Hungarian restaurant, Anzil, was immensely popular with everyone and made the mixing and mingling afterwards all the more pleasurable.